Bridge Basics

B-B Outline II

Not So BasicBridge Basics Outline II - "Not So Basic" was added in 2009 for those who are interested in learning about and trying some of the more challenging conventions being used today. It also includes the popular Two over One bidding system.

Created in the same easy to use format as the original Bridge Basics Outline, "Not So Basic" can provide you with a quick review prior to competition or a convenient reference during play while you practice.

Adding a new bridge convention to your partnership can be a fun challenge. For example, if you already use Jacoby Transfer bids opposite partner's 1 NT opening, try adding the Texas Transfer bid the next time you play. It is very gratifying to test a new convention when the opportunity arises and have it work to your advantage!

Like Bridge Basics Outline, the pages of "Not So Basic" are printed on sturdy card stock as opposed to traditional thin pages as they are meant to be used over and over. The table of contents allows you to quickly find the information that you want. It measures 4 3/4" x 6 1/2" and has 26 pages. A blank "notes" page was added based on requests for room to add additional information.

The information contained in Bridge Basics Outline II - "Not So Basic" has been approved by Hilda Silverman, a Director and Bridge teacher in the Hartford, CT area.

Please note: Updated versions of Bridge Basic and Not So Basic will be released on January 1st. The remaining copies of the current books are available for $15 while supplies last.

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