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Bridge Flour Sack Towel

Bridge Basics Outline and Bridge Basics Outline II – Not So Basic are valuable references for both new Bridge players as well as seasoned players who would like to incorporate the newer methods and conventions being taught today.
Both books were updated in 2018.

Review one or both prior to playing to help refresh your memory about newly learned conventions, point counts and responses.

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What some are saying

We use several books but this is always the one we reach for while playing
V. Saltonstall, Chestnut Hill, MA

Our group had multiple sheets of notebook size papers filled with bridge conventions. Everyone would be rifling through pages trying to find the ‘right’ sheet. Needless to say when I introduced your book everyone loved the simplicity, the size, the organization and the excellent content. Your book is the only book we use!!!
M. Finch, Pound Ridge, NY

I would like to order Bridge Basics Outline. That small little book that no bridge player can live without!!
C. Newman, Vero Beach, FL

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