Bridge Basics Outline

Bridge Basics Outline was originally created in 2005 to assist a group of new Bridge players during the early stages of learning to play the game. It replaced the lapful of notes which never seemed to provide an answer in a timely fashion when a question arose during play.

This book proved to be an invaluable tool in helping us learn to bid properly while we were playing hands while also helping us to identify quickly where we made our mistakes.

The information is headed by a Table of Contents so that you can find the answer you are looking for at once.  Each page provides a brief overview of a topic with bulleted points of information or a table to help you find an answer quickly as opposed to having to read through several paragraphs of more detailed reference.

Bridge Basic Outline’s convenient size makes it very portable. It measures 4 3/4″ x 6 1/2″ and has 33 pages that are printed on sturdy cardstock. It begins with basic opening bids and includes many of the popular conventions being taught today. A quick read-through is a wonderful reminder prior to play.

The information found in Bridge Basics Outline is based primarily on notes taken during Bridge classes. My Special thanks to the Bridge teachers who have contributed to the contents of this book.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the 2018 updated version of Bridge Basic Outline.

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